commonly asked questions about our lovely photography


Hey, I have questions, how do i contact you?

Ah, this one is so easy! Just email!

I want you to photography my event, what now?

Once you know that BLP is available for your event, we send over a contract and ask for a deposit for your day. We send online invoices or you can send a check. Deposits are non-refundable and are only transferrable upon a discussion. All the details of your event will be in the contract, a copy is kept in our records.

Thanks for photographing my event! When are the images available to view?

Great question! In our slow season, galleries can be up as quickly as 3-4 weeks. When we are shooting in peak weddings season, galleries may take 6-8 weeks. We usually post a few preview pics on our business Facebook page to hold you over, and please contact us if you need an image sooner for a card or announcement.

I can't wait to have my photo taken, how long will our session take?

Regular family sessions last about an hour or so. We try and arrive a few minutes early so we are ready to start when you arrive. If you're going to be late, please text or call so we aren't waiting for you for long. In our busy season, it's common for us to schedule back-to-back sessions, so a late start will effect others. Engagement sessions and senior sessions can last 1-2 hours, depending on outfit changes and locations. Newborn sessions can last 2 plus hours, we work on how often baby needs us to stop for changes and feedings.

When is the best time to photograph my family?

Early morning and late afternoon, right before sunset is the best light for photo sessions. Of course, sometimes those times don't work for everyone so we can make it work. But there's a reason the hour before sunset is coined the "magic hour" for beautiful light.

how many images will i receive after my shoot?

It really depends, if you have a family session or newborn session, galleries are around 80 edited images. Weddings, B'Nei Mitzvahs, Events generally result in 80-100 images per hour of shooting (so 10 hours would get around 800-900 images).

Do i have to edit my own images?

Hahaha, no. We pride ourselves on editing in a very tasteful and timeless fashion, we don't use a lot of filters or make colors and people look way different than they actually do. We also usually make a few images in black and white to show you how they look in B&W, but any image can be made that way, just ask!

I like to follow the rules, are you properly insured?

What a great thing to ask someone that you will be paying a service for! Yes, we carry business insurance and review our policies with our insurance provider to make sure we are properly covered every year.

Can i sell my images to a third party?

Unfortunately, your print release is for personal use only. If you are interested in using our images for commercial use, we have separate rates and contracts for that specific purpose, just email us for details!

We love your work, can we refer you to all our friends and family?

Yes, we will always say yes (unless they want everything for free and demand their images be delivered within `10 minutes of the shoot and they bring burnt toast as a session gift and they want to throw my gear in the lake. then no, please don't refer me to them).

My kid is so challenging, how will we get great shots of them during our session?

Well, that's a great question that no one can really answer. Through experience, we know that kids feed off the energy of others. If everyone around is stressing about a session, the session will probably be stressful. Know that you may not always get the perfect "everyone is in a straight line and smiling with perfect hair and nothing distracting in the background" image every time, but that's not life. If the session is just going horribly awry, we may talk about rescheduling at no additional cost, but that's only happened a few times in 13 years. If your kiddo is sick on the day of the shoot, please text/email to reschedule. 

We hired someone else to take our engagement session photos and hated them, now we want you to photography our wedding, what should we do?

Yes, this has happened. Every photographer wants their client to be happy, and no one wants to start the day with clients that are already frustrated. What we always recommend is that you talk to your photographer, most likely there is a contract and you may lose money for breaking that contract. Email us and we can discuss further.

I want to bring my inlaws and grandparents and 17 cousins to our shoot, is that ok?

Of course! We will either add to your regular family session or make your family session an extended family session and photography as many groups as possible within that hour. We love getting the entire family documented!

I want our session to be in an ABANDONED building, is that possible?

We want you to be safe, and though we are properly insured, we strive to keep people from getting injured. Session locations need to be agreed upon in advance between client and photographer, so we will all be on the same page. Since its against the law to break into an abandoned building, we would hate to get arrested during your session. 

Can we post images from our session on social media?

Of course you can, we ask that you give us a photo credit somewhere attached to the image (that's how we stay in business!).

I want to be a photographer like you, how can i do that?

Well, there are many paths to becoming a photographer. Some people go to school/college for it, some people learn/study under another photographer, some people are self-taught. I suggest finding the right path for you and start practicing, but a photo session isn't the right time to learn everything about the trade.

Will i have access to the raw files from my photo shoot?

No, we retain all the raw files when we do photo sessions. Once galleries are edited and backed up, we delete the raw files because we provide the highest jpeg files to our clients for prints. Galleries are stored safely in 2 spots and in online cloud storage for 10 years. Per client contracts, we guarantee storage files for 1 year after your session. 

We love you, how do we review you?

We love client reviews, and feedback too! Feel free to email me your remarks, or post them at my FB business page. But really, we just want you to love your images and hang them all over your home!

do you offer mini sessions?

We do! Last year, we decided to add mini sessions as an option all year long. It was successful, people love shorter sessions. The issue we were having was that we were working harder and faster because we put such a restraint on the time. Often, we'd end up shooting 45-60 minutes anyway, and giving our clients the same amount of images as a full session. We decided that all sessions need to be 45-60 minutes, this allows some wiggle room to help cranky toddlers warm up to being photographed, and adjustment time for changing locations and posing. A full hour gives our clients some freedom to not be rushed, and helps us have time to get a well-rounded collection of images. Sometimes we do still offer 30 minute minis at a discounted rate, feel free to check my FB business page or email  to see whats happening!

Do you bribe kids to get them to smile?

hahaha, how did you know we had kids! Though we are fans of bribery and will certainly not judge you for bribing your kids during a photoshoot, we generally don't keep any good snacks to give you or your kids. But seriously, feel free to bring some along if that helps!

Dang, you're booked for my event, got anyone else you love to recommend?

Yes! We have an arsenal of friends in the photography business that we enjoy sharing references with. Message us for a list of names!

Help! I need hair/make-up/video/DJ/Officiant/planner/florist for my event!

No problem! We have a long list of fabulous vendors that we love working with, message us for details!